The Litra Project makes possible a legal

decentralized payment system, resolving

secure payments and content certification

through smart contracts, thanks to the

blockchain technology provided by the A.L.1


– Use of smart contracts for secure payments through trusted third parties.

– The “digital notary” service allows you to certify anything that can be digitized.

– Transactions without commissions and without waiting times.

– Efficient mining, even from your mobile phone.

– Possibility of recovering your cryptocurrencies even if you lose all your keys.

– A second stablecoin is created, giving a total secure payment solution.

– 100% of the annual profit paid among the holders of the cryptocurrency.


Litra Digital Notary certification checker

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Nueva sede Litra en Europa

New Litra headquarters in Europe

The first customer service office in Europe opens in Spain


Fundación Litra

The Litra Foundation is in charge of distributing 5% of the currency issued in mining.


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