Pay legally with the cryptocurrency Litra

in the whole world, in an easy way,

safe and fast.

Transactions without commissions and without waiting times?

Efficient mining, even from your mobile phone?

Possibility of recovering your cryptocurrencies even if you lose all your keys?

100% of the annual profit paid among the holders of the cryptocurrency?

It is not the future, it is Litra, and it is the evolution of the way to pay anything in daily




Signed 100% profit sharing clause

On June 1, 2022, the creation deeds of the Litra Project company were signed before a notary.


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First donation from the Litra Foundation

To the Hon. City Council of La Rinconada, as well as all its inhabitants.


Fundación Litra

The Litra Foundation is in charge of distributing 5% of the currency issued in mining, + the 3 million liters of its initial allocation, in social projects.


We want you in Litra

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Users, investors, exchanges, partners.

The heart of Litra is A.L.1 Protocol

A.L.1 (At Least 1) stands out for its safety and efficiency. Blockchain 2.0 creators.

You are Litra, speak, think, decide…