We allow musicians, photographers, writers

and content creators in general protect

free of charge the authorship of their works, with

a temporary stamp certificate and legal validity.


We give to companies an API which

they will be able to certify content in real time.

– Legal validity provided by A.L.1, a next-generation blockchain protocol.

– Simple, access with any digital certificate in the world, or we will provide you with one.

– Time stamp with triple verification of signature, use it in any legal procedure.

– We have the largest decentralized backup of certifications, thank you to

 mining the cryptocurrency litra.


Content creators

Musicians, photographers, software developers, writers…will finally be able to protect the intellectual rights of their work for free

Create evidence with judicial validity

Upload the digital content you want to our time-stamped certifier: an image, a video, a voice recording, a compressed file…Of course for free.


Who offer digital signature service

We reduce your costs of providing legal validity to the documents your clients sign

Certify documents in real time

Real certification with average transaction times less than 1 millisecond. Use the API offered by AL1, our new next-generation blockchain protocol


Google for Startups Incibe y Tetuan Valley

The Litra Project has been selected!

We want to thank the Spanish Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE), Tetuan Valley and Google for Startups for trusting us.

Litra Digital Notary certification checker

Check a certification

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Nueva sede Litra en Europa

New Litra headquarters in Europe

The first customer service office in Europe opens in Spain

5% of the litras emitted in mining are destined for social purposes

Fundación Litra

The social projects to which the litras are allocated are chosen by voting by the litras holders.


We want you in Litra

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Users, investors, exchanges, partners.

The heart of Litra is A.L.1 Protocol

A.L.1 (At Least 1) stands out for its safety and efficiency. Blockchain 2.0 creators.

You are Litra, speak, think, decide…