Thanks to the A.L.1 layer 0 protocol we offer you

access to blockchains via digital certificate.

This opens up endless possibilities, from certifying

anything in a matter of seconds, to generate

a scalable secure transaction system for

be used massively.

– Free transactions with immediate confirmation within our blockchain.

– Use of smart contracts for secure transactions through trusted third parties.

– The “Digital Notary” service allows you to certify anything that can be digitized.

– Efficient mining, even from your mobile phone.

– Possibility of recovering your cryptocurrencies even if you lose all your keys.

– The Litra Project pays all litra holders with 100% of the annual profit, for maintaining a backup of part of the blockchain.


People or companies

Those who wish to certify anything digitally, in any format. An image, a video, many compressed files, a voice message…

Banks and payment systems

Create your digital currency on a scalable blockchain for large workloads, with transactions with immediate confirmation, identifiable and secure (triple signature verification)

Trusted third parties

Notaries, lawyers, websites that put buyer and seller in contact, etc. They receive a percentage of the commission of every secure payment smart contract


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Download the client program for free

We are in the testing phase, use all services for free, help us improve

Litra Digital Notary certification checker

Check a certification

Click to access the Digital Notary certification checker

Nueva sede Litra en Europa

New Litra headquarters in Europe

The first customer service office in Europe opens in Spain


Litra Corner, the website where you can buy and sell liters for free and safely

Website where you can exchange litras

Litra Corner allows you to exchange litras directly for free, or securely through a smart contract.

Buy safely with Litra in any store

Example of smart contract creation by a third party

Enter your litra address and pretend that you buy glasses in a store. This merchant creates a secure purchase contract on your behalf

Create smart contracts with the Litra client application.

Create smart contracts yourself

In a simple way, through the Litra application you can create secure transactions, certify content, and much more. Download the app here.

5% of the litras emitted in mining are destined for social purposes

Fundación Litra

The social projects to which the litras are allocated are chosen by voting by the litras holders.


We want you in Litra

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Contact the Litra Project

Users, investors, exchanges, partners.

The heart of Litra is A.L.1 Protocol

A.L.1 (At Least 1) stands out for its safety and efficiency. Blockchain 2.0 creators.

You are Litra, speak, think, decide…