Digital Notary

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To be able to certify any digital document in a quick and easy way, using blockchain and asymmetric cryptography technology.

Digital notary service

Litra offers the digital notary service, with which any digitizable fact can be recorded using a smart contract.

Through the Litra client program you can access this service, and in a simple way upload the content you want to certify. A smart contract will then be created that will be written to the blockchain, and will remain accessible for life.

The client can choose whether to encrypt the content or not. If it is encrypted, only those who provide the keyword will be able to access said content in an understandable manner.

That the certificate was fraudulent would mean that a malicious third party would have to access and modify the content of the complete blockchain of all Litra nodes, the cloud service servers where backup copies are stored (such as Google Drive), and also access and delete or modify all backup copies distributed throughout the world present in the client programs.

Characteristics of the digital notary service


The information is stored in the blockchain, which cannot be modified


Distributed throughout the world thanks to the clients of the Litra Project, and in AL1 Project S.L (trusted third party)

ENCRYPTION or public

The information may or may not be encrypted. If it is, only the holder of the access key will be able to understand its content.


The service has a very low cost, which you can pay with litras or elitras


Access to information will always be available

Easy to use

Thanks to the free client program, which you can install on your mobile phone, tablet or personal computer.