FAQ Litra

We show you below the frequently asked questions about the Litra Project:


How long does it take for Litra to verify my identity once I have applied for a Litra certificate?

Your key pair and access to Litra will be immediately provided to you, after a slight automatic review by the system of the documentation provided.

All the documentation will be reviewed manually later, warning you that if you have cheated the system your litras may be blocked.

If my digital certificate expires or I revoke it, do I lose my litres?

Of course you do not lose your litras, they are already associated with that certificate (whether it is revoked or not). We do advise you to transfer your litras to a certificate that is current, so that you can recover your litras in case you lose all your keys.

Where can I buy or sell litras using a fiat currency (euros, dollars…)?

You can buy or sell liters on so-called exchanges, websites where you can convert between different pairs of currencies. Soon we will put a list here with links to them.

If we do not get the collaboration of any external exchange, a website will be launched that will allow the exchange of liters directly between users.

What do I do if I lose all my keys?

If you have lost access to your digital certificate or your Litra key pair, you must follow the next two steps:

1. Create a new address in Litra, you can do it from the program you use to access Litra. If you have a new digital certificate and want to use it, do nothing in this step 1.

2. You must send us an email to lost@litra.io . The information to attach depends on how you previously accessed Litra:

2.1. If you accessed with a pair of Litra keys: from the email with which you registered with your old address, attach the new generated public key and a copy of your identity document.

2.2. If you accessed with a personal digital certificate: You must go to the certifying entity that issued your certificate, and ask them to issue a document, digitally signed, specifying your full name, identity number, and public key. This is the document that you must attach to the email indicated above, along with the new public key that you generated in step 1. If you already have a new digital certificate, and you want to have the liters linked to it, then send us the public key of that new certificate.