The Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute is a synonym of cybersecurity

      It is a true honor for the Litra Project to have been selected for this incubation program.

      When someone talks about Litra, our hope is that the first word that comes to mind is “security”, and to help achieve that goal there is no one better than the Spanish Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE). Our wish is that the collaboration is not limited to these months of the program, but is for life.

Google for startups Litra Project
Tetuan Valley Litra Project

        There is nothing better than working surrounded by entrepreneurial people like you, and on the Google for Startups campus we have them. If we have any questions we will no longer have to ask “Google”, although technically we are on Google 😊

        I am sure that Tetuan Valley will help the Litra Project take the right direction, and I speak in first person, since in just a few hours of arriving on campus I realized the potential of its human team, its kindness and its desire to help.


Manuel Estévez González (CEO)