Litra Project Content Policy

Do not create, upload or distribute content that constitutes child exploitation or child abuse. This covers all material relating to child sexual abuse.

Litra will not tolerate the use of its network for any illegal purpose, and when a case of child abuse is detected, Litra will take all measures to eliminate said content and report to the corresponding authorities anyone who may be linked to this illegal action.

More generally, Litra prohibits its products from being used for purposes that could endanger children. This includes, among others, predatory behavior towards children, for example:

– “Child cyberbullying” (for example, establishing online communication with a child to facilitate sexual contact or the exchange of sexual images with this person, whether virtually or offline)

– Sexual extortion (for example, threatening or blackmailing a child through actual or alleged access to intimate images of the child)

– Sexualization of minors (for example, images that depict, encourage or promote the sexual abuse of children or the representation of children in a way that may lead to their sexual exploitation)

– Child trafficking (for example, prostituting a child or posting advertisements for the commercial sexual exploitation of a minor)

We will remove the content and take appropriate action, including filing a complaint with the relevant authorities, disabling accounts, and limiting access to product features. If you believe a minor is in danger or is a victim of abuse, exploitation, or human trafficking, contact the police immediately. If you have already reported the case to the police and still need help, you can report the behavior to Litra.

Do not save or distribute images of minors without the explicit consent of their parents, guardians or legal representatives. If someone saved or distributed the image of a minor without the necessary consent, send us your report to

Do not distribute content that includes sexually explicit material, such as nude images, graphic sexual acts, and pornographic material. Don’t drive traffic to commercial pornography sites either. However, we do allow nude images for educational, documentary, scientific or artistic purposes.

Do not use this product to engage in illegal activities or to promote activities, goods, services or information that cause serious or immediate harm to people or animals. While we allow the use of general information for educational, documentary, scientific or artistic purposes on this type of content, we draw the line when the material facilitates harm or promotes illegal activity. If we are notified of illegal activities, we will take appropriate measures, such as reporting you to the relevant authorities, or disabling your Litra Account.

Do not post or distribute violent or gory content that features real people or animals for shock or sensational purposes. This category covers ultra-graphic violence, such as dismemberment or close-up videos of mutilated corpses. Graphic material, such as bloody content, may be permitted in an educational, documentary, scientific, or artistic context, but keep in mind that you must provide enough information for users to understand the context. In some cases, if the material is too violent or shocking, it will not be allowed to remain on our platform, even if all the required information is provided. Finally, do not encourage other people to commit specific acts of violence.

Violent non-state organizations and movements should not use this product for any purpose. Do not distribute content that facilitates or promotes the activities of these groups, such as recruiting, coordinating online or offline activities, using manuals or other materials that may facilitate harm, promoting ideologies of violent non-state organizations, promoting terrorist acts, inciting violence or carrying out attacks by violent non-state organizations. Depending on the content, we may also take action against the user. We may allow the publication of content related to violent non-state organizations in an educational, documentary, scientific or artistic context, but please note that you must provide enough information for users to understand the context.

Respect copyright laws. Do not share copyrighted content without authorization or provide links to sites where users can download this type of content without authorization. If you repeatedly commit violations of intellectual property rights, including copyrights, we will close your account.