Secure cryptocurrency issuance


Offer our network based on the A.L.1 Protocol, with which banks and other companies that manage payment methods can issue their own cryptoassets, benefiting from the security, ease of use and scalability provided by the protocol.

Offer the network to all types of companies that wish to issue cryptocurrencies for the exclusive use of the services they provide.

Exemplify the above with a utility token called Litra.

Features of the “Litra” utility token

safety first

Both symmetric and asymmetric cryptographic system

easy access

Through a personal digital certificate that you already have (RSA, DSA, ECDSA…), or we will provide you with one instantly


Even if you lose your private key. Proving your identity and comparing it with the one provided by the certifying entity


Traceable transactions

Only for the competent authorities, to comply with legal regulations


Without mistakes

32-bit CRC code to avoid mistakes writing the destination address of the transfer

Easy to use

Thanks to the free client program, which you can install on your mobile phone, tablet or personal computer.

No commissions

Transactions made in Litra have no cost

Immediate confirmation of transactions

No waiting times for buyer and seller.


Security is guaranteed with a triple verification of the transaction before it is made permanent in the blockchain.


Every client keeps a backup copy of a part of the blockchain. Resulting in full copies all over the world.


5% of the liters generated in mining are destined to social projects. More than 10,0000,000!

Innovative mining system

Minado con baja necesidad de procesamiento

Low need for processing

Efficient mining that you can do from your mobile phone, tablet or PC, and while doing other tasks.


The miners keep a copy of the new blocks that are produced, providing robustness to the protocol.

miners audit

The miners audit the signatures of the new blocks added to the blockchain, resulting in a transparent and secure protocol.

Advertising, an extra source of income

mining screen with advertising

The benefit of this publicity is distributed among all the miners.

advertisers pay in fiat currency

This FIAT currency is used to buy litras and pay project collaborators for their work.

guaranteed capitalization

Since there are several sources of fiat currency income, which causes the purchase of litras to be distributed.