Every effort will be made to ensure that the company’s headquarters are in Spain or Chile, or both jointly.

Spain is a member country of the European Union, with strict laws regarding the use of cryptoactives. That the Litra Project complies with European legal regulations is key for the rest of the countries in the world to also trust the project. If the pre-sale is finally carried out in Spain, the information will be displayed here, once the National Securities Market Commission has given its approval, according to circular 2/2020 of October 28, 2020.

For its part, Chile is one of the countries with the greatest growth potential in Latin America. Stable and open to the world. Intelligent, since its philosophy of supporting innovation makes it result in the growth of the country. All the information related to the pre-sale will be shown here if you finally decide to do it here.

Many have advised me as a legal solution to launch the project in other countries. Of course there are other countries where there would be much less legal requirements imposed by governments, or indirectly by banks, but the idea of the project is to be widely accepted, stable, and not have the uncertainty of being banned in the future.