The road traveled and the one that remains to be traveled, so that together we can make the Litra Project a reality:


If we put in a shaker the problems associated with the use of cryptocurrencies (money laundering, pyramid scams, energy gaste, etc.), and not being able to pay anywhere in the world without associated commissions (direct or indirect for currency exchange ), we have the reason for the birth of the Litra Project.

The objective of the Litra Project, at first, was to create a more secure payment system than what already exists, decentralized, based on blockchain technology using the A.L.1 Protocol as a tool, free and also supportive, distributing the 5% of all capital of the project in social purposes. This payment system would eliminate all the problems associated with the use of cryptocurrencies, being traceable, with transactions confirmed immediately, and scalable to be used worldwide.



Once the project is registered, several economists are consulted, and they all agree that the priority for an investor is not to improve the world in social terms, or to offer something better and free to society, is to obtain benefits. They advise adding a cost to each payment made through Litra and that the system becomes centralized.

For the above, the launch of the Litra Project is postponed, since free and decentralization are fundamental objectives.

After a year of development, the solution has been to implement new functionalities, these with a minimum cost, which allow maintaining the free, decentralized and supportive payment system.

Therefore, the functionality of secure payment through smart contracts is added, as well as the digital notary, with a high potential profit.



The expansion of the project is registered, the performance tests continue, and the certifications carried out by external companies begin.

Users are given free access to use the client program in trial mode. With a simulated cryptocurrency that will be removed when the testing phase ends.



Lawyers from various countries are consulted on the legal requirements to launch the project, with the preference of Spain and Chile. Special attention is paid to the requirements to launch the stablecoin, and whether or not pre-sale of litras can be carried out.

Litras pre-sale is not allowed

                        Pre-sale of litras is allowed


Contact with exchanges and banks, that allow the use of Litra to their clients. Recruitment of partners that act as trusted agents.

If no exchange is interested in the project, since the capitalization is very low, the website will be launched to allow users to exchange litras directly with each other, which will serve the creator of the project to finance the start individually.

Carrying out the 3 pre-sales of liters, whose objective is to finance the project. Recruitment of personnel and purchase of resources specified in the whitepaper, necessary to start the activity. Contact with exchanges and banks, that allow the use of Litra to their clients. Recruitment of partners that act as trusted agents.


                                3 months after the last presale



START OF LITRA IN PRODUCTION. Blocks 0 of the blockchains are created, and payments with litras and elitras are allowed.