We are currently in phase 3


– Intellectual registration of the A.L.1 Protocol and the Litra Project Whitepaper.

– Parameterization of the A.L.1 Protocol, resulting in the creation of 3 blockchains, one for transactions, another for smart contracts, and another for events that change states of the contracts.

– Creation of client programs in PC and Android versions, to interact with Litra, translated into 9 languages.

– Creation of programs for the internal management of new users.

– Creation of the corporate website, a page to check Digital Notary certifications, a page that simulates the purchase in an establishment using the Litra payment button (the API of partners is tested), and a website where you can exchange litras.



– Functional and load tests of the systems that integrate the business logic of the project.

– Generation of documentation associated with the project (legal conditions of use, glossary of terms, etc.).

– Creation of a company in Spain that is responsible for the project.



– Search for external financing, evaluating different options (exchange shuttles, venture capital investors, etc.)

– Clients are released in test mode with full functionality (beta). The creation of the different blockchains, mining and the rest of the services begins.

– Resolution of errors reported in the testing phase.

– The design and accessibility of the web pages and the client program are improved, translating their content in a professional manner.

– Create a marketing plan for pre-sales. Development of an associated landing page.

– Security audit carried out by an external company with a trusted reputation.

– Search for companies of proven prestige, which act as a trusted third party to keep backup copies of the different blockchains of the project.



Carrying out the financing round in 3 phases.



– Hiring of personnel and acquisition of material resources in accordance with the provisions of the Whitepaper.

– Conducting surveys of liter holders in the pre-sale, to decide different issues (mining reward, distribution of liters, etc.).

– Release of the IOS client in test mode.

– Development of the final version for all clients.


3 months after the last presale round


START OF LITRA IN PRODUCTION. The 0 blocks of the blockchains are created, the tokens acquired in the pre-sale are released.