The LITRA Project

Lawful – Stable

The Litra (Legally Identified TRAnsaction) project consists of a decentralized cryptocurrency payment system, whose distinguishing feature is that, based on a block chain transaction, a government could identify both the origin and the destination of the cryptocurrency transmitted, not being able to be prohibited as a means of payment for money laundering. For a particular user, transactions on the blockchain are anonymous.


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Document that explains everything related to the Litra Project, including Tokenomics

Real decentralization – Everyone’s company

In order to comply with the legal requirements, it is necessary to have a company that is responsible for the cryptocurrency, but the Litra Project does not want to be a bank, nor to be influenced by governments or large investors, and that is why 100% of the benefits that the company distributes annually, it will be done proportionally among the holders of the cryptocurrency. All signed and notarized. 


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Litra Project Constitution Deed

Easy – Safe

You can pay for bread by pointing your mobile phone at the bakery’s QR code, or if you’re lucky, pay for your new car sitting from home. Access Litra with any digital certificate in the world, and if you don’t have one, directly generate a pair of keys from the installer program. Security is guaranteed since the heart of Litra is the A.L.1 Protocol, based on an asymmetric cryptographic system.

Logo Protocolo AL1

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Other Litra features

No commissions

Transactions made in Litra are free of charge

Immediate confirmation of transactions

No waiting times for buyer and seller.


Security is guaranteed by triple checking the transaction before it is made permanent on the blockchain.

Innovative mining system

Minado con baja necesidad de procesamiento

Low need for processing

Efficient mining that you can do from your mobile phone, tablet or PC, and while doing other tasks.


The miners keep a backup of the blockchain, providing robustness to the protocol.

miners audit

The miners audit the transactions of the new blocks added to the blockchain, resulting in a transparent and secure protocol.

Advertising, an extra source of income for miners

mining screen with advertising

The benefit of that publicity is distributed among all the miners.

advertisers pay in fiat currency

That FIAT currency (euros, dollars…) is used to buy Litra and pay the miners.

guaranteed capitalization

Since there are two sources of income that bring money from abroad, the advertising itself, and the profits generated by Litra Project as a company.