The LITRA Project

Litra Project Objectives

The Litra (Legally Identified TRAnsaction) project has the following objectives:

  • Create a payment system without commissions worldwide that improves the existing ones.
  • Put an end to scams in purchases or services, whether in person or remotely.
  • Allow a person (or machine) to prove anything to a third party, irrefutably.

To help achieve them, a company “Litra Project S.L” is created, which is responsible for the project, and follows an open company philosophy, which is influenced by the crypto community, large companies and the users themselves. The company pays 100% of the annual profit sharing to the collaborating users of the project.


Download the explanatory document of the project (whitepaper)

Download summary whitepaper

Document that allows a quick reading

Download the full whitepaper

Fully explains the Litra Project

Download the A.L.1 whitepaper

Explanatory document of Protocol A.L.1

Commission-free payment system

A decentralized cryptocurrency called litra is created, based on the A.L.1 Protocol, this allows us to obtain a payment system, through blockchain technology, which improves the existing one, and allows us to comply with strict regulations.

In addition, a stable cryptocurrency called elitra is created, whose pair is equal to the euro, giving price stability to deferred payments, which come into play in smart contracts.

The resulting payment system is multi-device and multi-platform, it has immediate confirmation of transactions with a triple verification of the same, and other innovative features we invite you to discover by clicking on the following link below.

Secure payments through smart contracts

No more scams thanks to the fact that each payment is secured by means of an intelligent contract, where the buyer, seller and a trusted agent, who intervenes in the event of a dispute.

There are specific smart contracts for:


  • Purchase or sale litras or elitras.
  • Purchase or sale of objects or services on web pages that put the buyer and the seller in contact.
  • Purchase or sale of objects or services offered directly by the company that offers them.
  • Purchase or sale of objects or services between individuals.

Digital notary

Unfortunately the world is very unfair, and in certain situations we are guilty unless we prove our innocence.

The service called digital notary allows you to demonstrate anything that can be digitized before a third party. A photo, a video, a text, a voice recording, compressed files, etc.

You can encrypt the content so that only the people you want can see it, or leave it unencrypted to make something public.

Real decentralization – Everyone’s company

The possible distribution of profits that the company makes annually will go to pay the collaborators of the project, who are all the holders of litras, because they keep a backup copy of part of the blockchain.

The A.L.1 Protocol as layer 0

Security is guaranteed since the heart of Litra is the A.L.1 Protocol.