In the Litra Project, important decisions are voted on.

Any holder of liters can vote from your application.

The weight of the vote will be the proportional part of the liters that the voter has at the time of closing the poll.

Below the surveys you will find information necessary for a better understanding of them.





Among how many miners do you want to distribute the liters generated in a specific block?

A) 1.

B) 10.

C) 100.

D) 1000.

E) Proportionally among all miners.


How much time do you want to generate and distribute the 200 million liters in?

A) 10 years.

B) 25 years.

C) 40 years.

D) 100 years.


Share proportionally every year, or a higher proportion at the beginning (halving type)? Examples of distribution of each of the options are presented in links under the survey, and in the whitepaper.

A) Proportional distribution over 10 years. Necessary quotation 25 euros/liter first year, very restrictive.

B) Halving 2,5 a 10 years.

C) Halving 5 a 25 years.

D) Halving 5 a 40 years.

E) Halving 14 a 100 years.

Quantitative data from the different distributions of survey number 3

Complete explanatory document of the A.L.1 Protocol and the Litra Project

Click to download the whitepaper